I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more...

...just to be the man who walked 1000 miles to fall down at your door

Omg video games yay!
"Hey, this is Marshall. I'm not here right now but leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. And if this is Lily, I love you and miss you!"


Marshall and Lily's; Thursday Morning
Great dancer
Marshall wasn't usually one for fruit for breakfast (unless it was with ice cream) but, damn, the peaches he got were delicious. Like, the best peaches ever. For serious. If he was Mormon he'd marry one. He thought Lily would be okay with that.

"You could really make a whole meal...where the hell is that music coming from?"

Of COURSE Marshall would sing about his foodCollapse )

Marshall stopped singing and dancing abruptly and looked at the peach he was holding. "Baby, I think there's something awesome happening with the fruit!"

[Establishy unless the wife wants to ping in]

OOC: Beach Play (not dirty) Syllabus
Nnnnnnaaked again
Week One: Swimming: The obvious thing to do when there's water around
Week Two: Sandcastles in the sand
Week Three: Volleyball: Try not to break your wrists
Week Four: Flying Kites: Please don't sing that song
Week Five: Chicken: AKA Smack your classmates across the head for funsies
Week Six: Tanning: I'm not responsible for any sunburn
Week Seven: Free day: Because I hate finals

Your shirtless TA's: Jess Mariano and Romeo Montague
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Jumping on the TA bandwagon
Shirtless omg!
Hello! IIIII am looking for a TA or two for Marshall's beach play class. Preferably someone who doesn't mind being outside and can swim because...really. Also, should look good with their shirt off Unless I'm unavoidably detained, Marshall will be using you an example when explaining games. Then you get to play!

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Annnnnnd the RNG has spoken.

Office Hours - Thursday [All Day]
There were zombies outside! Zombies! His T.A. was a member of the undead!

Marshall didn't even know how he made it into work today. Zombies were a good excuse to call in for a sick day, why oh why didn't he take it? Luckily he had that baseball bat and Evelyn to help protect him as he ran screaming walked calmly to the school.

Since he was already here, he figured he'd do some work. Work which consisted of looking at his student roster and deciding who should take Francine's place as T.A. No time to mourn when finals were coming up. Francine would have wanted it that way. Marshall was sure of it.

[I don't even know. Door's closed but the post is open!]

Office Hours - Friday
The hat
Marshall kind of missed his Aretha hat.

Which would be why he was wearing the Dr. Suess one today. It was almost as fierce.

It looked sort of ridiculous wearing such a cheerful hat when he was busy frowning over Rumor Gal spoilers online. And what the hell is this spin-off? No one cares about the old people on the show, even if it is set in the 80's when they were young. It's all about Charlie and Claire!

Marshall should probably watch less TV and get out more.

[Open door, open post but there will be SP while I'm in class until about 2:30]

Office Hours - Friday
Sometimes in life you see something so beautiful that the clouds open up and bright sunshine streams into your office. Sometimes you see something so amazingly gorgeous that Journey's "Open Arms" starts playing out of nowhere. Sometimes that something makes you well up with tears even though your office door is open and anybody can just walk by.

For Marshall, that thing was the Bacon Explosion.

"Oh god, Evelyn. It's so beautiful," Marshall said breathlessly. He held up the cockamouse so he could see the picture on the computer screen. "My life was like a moonless night before this came into my life."

[Mmmmmmmmmmmmm bacon explosion. The door and post is open. SP while I'm in class!]

Marshall and Lily's place - Sunday Afternoon
Totes innocent
Marshall was having a weird birthday so far.

First he got a call from Ronon asking for pot. And then after calling him back, Marshall got a weird message from Fraser regarding underwear. After calling Fraser back, he got a really weird-ass message from either Dean or Priestly. Oh well. It gave Marshall a chance to ask the important questions. Marshall debated turning off his phone. But, no, then he might miss birthday wishes.

"That underwear message is going to haunt me for life," Marshall decided.

[Mostly establishy but open for the wife or anybody who wants to talk to the birthday boy on purpose]

Office Hours - Thursday [All Day]
In trouble
Yep, Marshall was still spending his office hours watching Rumor Gal with Evelyn. He was on season two now.

"Goddammit, Charlie!" Marshall threw a handful of Skittles at the TV screen. "Just tell Claire you love her!"

The door was closed but only because Marshall had been forced to come to work wearing the camouflage-print pants that Lily hated and one of Ted's shirts that had ended up mixed in with his stuff. The shirt made it look like he had man-boobs.

[Door is closed, post is open]

Office Hours - Friday
With the exception of warning the lunch ladies (chickens?) of what foods he needed for his next lesson, Marshall didn't really need to make lesson plans. So he decided to use his office hours to catch up on teen soaps that he was too embarrassed to watch when Barney lived in town and could walk in on him at any moment.

He had a pile of cheetos on his desk and both he and Evelyn were munching their way through them while watching the first season of Rumor Gal.

"Baby J should have never cut her hair in season two," Marshall told Evelyn. "She looks so much cuter here."

[Door is closed but the post is open]


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